RN to BSN Program

RN to BSN Program

SKC Nursing offers an RN-BSN completion program, designed for working RNs who already have earned an Associate’s Degree in Nursing and are licensed as Registered Nurses. The RN-BSN completion program builds upon associate degree coursework to expand the level, complexity, and scope of RN practice. This expansion of nursing practice includes clinical leadership, designing and delivering care to families and populations, and promoting public health of communities and tribal entities.

RN-BSN students are admitted to the program at the upper division level. The program of study is designed to enable working RNs to complete the degree in 6 quarters part time. In some case by case situations, a student may be able to complete the degree in 3 quarters full time; however it should be noted that in these cases, students have earned course credits previously that allow for a reasonable full time credit load each of the three quarters. It is recommended that prospective students contact the nursing department with questions about part time and full time programs of study. Advisors will work closely with students in order to develop an optimum program of study.

RN-BSN courses are offered in an online asynchronous format. There will be occasional virtual meetings in a synchronous format between student and faculty; these meetings will be scheduled at a time when both faculty and student are available. Although the RN-BSN completion program is asynchronous, it by no means implies that the faculty and student do not have connections, contact, or relationships. The RN-BSN faculty are committed to every student’s success and take immense interest in developing and sustaining close connections with students.

Students must have access to a computer equipped with a webcam and a microphone. Microsoft Office Suite of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is essential. High speed internet is highly recommended.

Students must be able to stand, sit and walk for up to 12 hours and lift up to 100 pounds.

A hallmark of the RN-BSN completion program is the Capstone Project. Two courses include a precepted Quality Improvement project which focuses on a needs assessment, data collection, implementation of a Quality Improvement project, and evaluation of the project. The inclusion of a Quality Improvement project is a value-added component of the SKC RN-BSN program. Employers are looking for nurses who know how to implement a Quality Improvement program and graduate schools are very interested in accepting student candidates who have this skill set.

A federal background check is mandated annually for nursing students.  Students with a history of criminal convictions (whether felony or misdemeanor) relating to crimes such as, but not limited to, physical assault, use of dangerous weapon, sexual abuse or assault, abuse of children the elderly or infirm and crimes against property, including robbery, burglary and felony theft, may not be eligible for admission, clinical placement, and/or licensure.

Chronological Order of Requirements of RN to BSN Program

Detailed information about our program is provided in the SKC catalog.

Nursing handbook can be obtained here.

New 2023-2024 student handbooks are available in the nursing office.