Future Students

Future Students

SKC offers two Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs:

Direct Admit BSN

There are two ways to enter the 4 year BSN:  

1) Apply as a freshman student for direct admission in the spring to start in the fall. 

This is the appropriate option for students applying while in high school, adult students with no prior college experience or students who have not completed the courses in the first year of the SKC nursing program of study. 

Deadline June 3, 2023 for academic year 2023-2024

2) Apply as a transfer student to the nursing program in the spring for fall admission.

Transfer or change of major students will have additional documents to submit along with their application (such as transcripts).

Deadline June 3, 2023 for academic year 2023-2024

Oops! I missed the application deadline. What should I do?

You may apply to SKC for admission and major in General Sciences to complete all of the SKC nursing first year courses in the program of study.  Then at the end of the year apply to the nursing program as a transfer student and enter the program as a sophomore nursing student in the fall.  See below.  

*if interested contact life sciences department regarding general sciences credits.


Registered Nurse (ASN) to BSN Completion Program (RN-BSN)

Registered Nurse (ASN) to BSN Completion Program (RN-BSN) for those nurses who already have their ASN degree and are licensed as Registered Nurses.

Application to SKC by June 3, 2022 for Academic Year 2022-2023. Application to Nursing Program by July 11, 2022. Detailed information is included on this webpage; keep reading and scrolling.

Detailed information about our program is provided in the SKC catalog.

Nursing handbook can be obtained here.

New 2023-2024 student handbooks are available in the nursing office.