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SKC 2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony!


From the President:

The situation we find ourselves in is not where we want to be. SKC is a relationship-based institution. Our sense of community and personal connections are the heart of all that we are at SKC. Our faculty, staff, and students did not come to SKC to participate in an online learning environment, but here we are. It has been said that character is in the choices we make in times of adversity. I know that we will continue to rise to meet this challenge.

We are a strong people. We have faced adversity before and together we will come through this. We will demonstrate the best of our character by keeping positive and moving forward. Like the bison, we will put our heads down, charge into the storm, and emerge together safely.

We will make every effort to communicate with everyone to ensure that students can meet their educational goals with as few barriers as possible. Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation as we work together to navigate these difficult times.

President Sandra Boham

Do YOU have questions?:

Dear students,
I know that it can be difficult to navigate this place we find ourselves in at this time.
To help students get the information that they need in the fastest way possible we have created an email address that is specifically designed to get responses to you asap, without requiring you to try and figure out who to call, or getting unanswered calls.
If you call someone, and they do not answer the phone.
Leave a voice message with your contact information. (phone number, email address)
Employees at SKC get our phone messages on our phone as well as in our email and we can answer you by phone or email no matter where we are.
We are working through this together. Things will not be perfect, but if we communicate with each other so that we can identify where problems are, we will find solutions.
We want to help you all to be successful in this unpredictable and ever changing time.
SKC Strong

UPCOMING:  A Fall Quarter, virtual student community meeting will be convened!

COVID updates regarding SKC: 5/18/2020 ~ The Tribal Council has not lifted the stay at home order. SKC will continue to follow Tribal Council directives. The stay at home order will remain in effect indefinitely.


ASN L2 students: Verified Credentials: (Annual background Check) is required annually. Cost $83.80 Students are encouraged to Create an account online using Results can take 1-2 weeks. Verified Credentials will submit your results to the Nursing Department. "If you have any questions about filling out the information, please contact Verified Credentials Support at (800)938-6090. 


Current Fall Quarter 2020 Calendar: 


Nursing Program Success

Student success is extremely important to the Nursing Department. In our curriculum and in our learning activities, we make it a priority to support students in their goal to earn the Associate of Science Degree and/or their Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. The faculty and staff strive to contribute to the student’s sense of satisfaction and personal growth during their educational journey.

Key factors that have been shown to facilitate and lead to success include:

1) a sense of belonging in the program and college community

2) feeling supported, and

3) feeling like they are a part of a team.

The faculty and staff are aware of the many challenges students face as they transition into the role of nursing student. The curriculum is organized in a logical, sequential, and cumulative manner; students can apply past experiences and knowledge to their current coursework, which is an important tenet of adult learning theory. The curriculum offers appropriate content to meet the educational outcomes and accommodate student learning styles. The nursing program fosters personal and academic growth by encouraging students to:

Take responsibility for learning
Approach learning as a lifelong process
Develop the skills of a critical thinker
Role model caring behaviors

This cohesive and holistic approach to nursing education helps contribute to students’ success.

Student Nurse Organization (SNO)
Student Nurse organization (SNO) is available to enrolled and prospective nursing students at Salish Kootenai College. SNO is a student club and has a faculty member advisor.  SNO allows students to share and receive information about nursing school and interact with each other. SNO members interact with community members through community projects.

Associate of Science in Nursing Degree (ASN)
From a comprehensive nursing orientation that includes pathophysiology and pharmacology review, to traditional Native American games, the Salish Kootenai College nursing department offers a relationship-based approach to nursing education.  Our Peer Mentoring program recognizes the importance of leadership by example and encourages peer-to-peer support during your nursing education journey.
ASN 2018-2019 Student Handbook

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (RN-BSN)
Our RN-BSN program is designed to accommodate working nurses who have graduated from either the SKC ASN program, or other programs of nursing.  The focus of the RN-BSN program is leadership and management, rural and Native American community health, and the use of evidence-based practice in nursing.  Our hybrid course design allows for online courses for facilitation of learning along with a comprehensive integration of technology to further content comprehension. Students are only required to come to campus for their final Capstone Project
2018-2019 RN-BSN Student Handbook


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SKC Nursing Department offers multiple scholarship and grant opportunities
to support prospective and enrolled nursing students.
Please contact SKC Financial Aid for current list of available scholarships and grants.

Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding admissions, or general questions about our program,
we can be reached by email at