Nursing Fees

2024-2025 Fees

BSN Nursing Class fees:  Subject to change (fees do not include other courses outside of nursing such as biology, math, or electives)

Quarter Fall Winter Spring
Year 1
  • BIOS139 A&P Lab $150
  • BIOS159 A&P Lab $150
  • BIOS179 A&P Lab $150
Year 2
  • NURS204 Health Assessment $500
  • NURS266 Pharmacology I $500
  • NURS270 Gerontology $500
  • NURS276 Pharmacology II $500
Year 3
  • NURS331 Med Surg I $350
  • NURS351 Med Surg II $600
  • NURS371 Med Surg III $500
  • NURS383 Pediatrics $500
Year 4
  • NURS407 Family Care  $500
  • NURS 438 Advanced Leadership $500
  • NURS445 Population Promotion $500

RN-BSN Nursing Class Fees:
There are currently no lab fees for this program (subject to change)



College Fees: Nursing Program Courses: Student Costs: (some fees are out of pocket)
$996-$3861 Tuition & Fees per quarter  $25 Liability Insurance per year $75-$200   Uniform (2nd year)
$300 College Nursing Degree Fee per quarter $115  Kaplan (2nd, 3rd, 4th year) $14 each Name Tags (2nd Year)
$350-$500 Lab and Clinical fees per quarter Supplies (stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, pen light, computer, notebooks, ect)
$200-$1000 Books Gas or transportation  (to and from school and clinical sites)
Background check & Drug screening (prior to admission)
Access to Internet, computer with webcam and microphone, microsoft suite (excel, word, powerpoint)