End of Program Outcomes

ASN Program2018201920202021
NCLEX Pass Rate (number of 1st time takers)(14) 85.7%(20)
(19) 84.2%(8) 87.5%
Completed the Nursing Program
(number of starting students)
(24) 70.8%(25)
(25) 83.3%
Students Employed After graduation(14/17) 88%(20/21) 95%(18/20) 90%
RN-BSN Program2017201820192020
65% or greater completed the program88.8%66.6%75%54%
Those who completed the program, 65% or greater complete in 6 quarters100%90%75%54%
15% or greater of graduates report a promotion or increase in scope of their work position within two years of graduation100%60%75%85%

4 Year Direct BSN Program is a new program offered as of 2020-2021 no data available.
Our goals for this program include:
1.) NCLEX passing rate: Goal– 85% or higher first time attempt passing rate.
2.) Graduation rate: Goal– 80% or higher cohort will graduate within 5 years of starting their BSN.
3.) Job placement rate: Goal– 90% or higher of cohort will start working as a RN within 6 months of graduation.