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SKC Nursing Department offers Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) degrees. Detailed information about our program is provided below as well as in the SKC catalog.

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If you have any questions on admissions or general questions about our program, feel free to email us at nursingadmissions@skc.edu or call us at (406) 275 – 4909

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Students considering pursuing the ASN degree are strongly advised to take Biology, Chemistry, and/or Anatomy and Physiology courses in high school and complete the Certificate of Completion in Health Science Studies that is designed to include the prerequisite courses for admission to the ASN program as well as provide excellent preparation for the Nursing Program.

Students may complete the ASN pre-requisite courses at SKC or any other accredited college. However, transfer students should consult with a pre-Nursing advisor and the Enrollment Services as soon as possible to ensure that the courses completed at another college or university meet the SKC and Nursing Program requirements and will be accepted.

Students must complete the following prerequisite courses before applying to the ASN Program.

Prerequisite Course - (Credits)

IDST 101: SKC Seminar (3) (Applies to SKC students who started as freshmen in September 2017 or later)
ENGL 101: English Composition I (3)
ENGL 202: English Composition II OR  ENGL 203: Technical Writing (3)
PSYC 110: Introduction to Psychology (5)
MATH 103: Contemporary Math (5) or MATH 100: College Algebra (5)
BIOS 215: Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
BIOS 216: Anatomy and Physiology I Lab (1)
BIOS 217: Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
BIOS 218: Anatomy and Physiology II Lab (1)
NASD or NASL Open Elective (3) (Can be completed during the ASN Program)

Grade Requirements

  • Achieve a B or better in MATH 103 or 100, BIOS 215, BIOS 216, BIOS 217, and BIOS 218
  • Achieve a C or better in PSYC 110, ENGL 101 and ENGL 202
  • Math and science courses must be taken within five (5) years of the anticipated program start date.
  • Prerequisite and general education courses can be repeated only twice to improve a grade.

Please see the Nursing Program section in the SKC catalog for full details.

Pre-nursing Advising

Please contact Eva Oruste, the Pre-nursing Advisor, at eva_oruste@skc.edu or (406) 275-4953 to discuss the ASN Program pre-requisite course completion options, to register for classes, or if you have questions about transfer credits or the application process.

ASN Program Application Process

Please refer to the ASN section for application process details and required documents.

The ASN program prepares students for licensure as a Registered Nurse and for practice in a variety of rural and Native American healthcare settings. Please read the ASN Program Information document carefully for full details about the program.

ASN Program Application Process

Students must apply to SKC before applying to the Nursing Program. Students may apply online at www.skc.edu or send the SKC application packet to the SKC Enrollment Services, P.O. Box 70, Pablo, MT 59855.

The ASN application packet is due by 4:30 p.m. on May 1st. The following documents must be included:

  • ASN Application form
  • Copies of unofficial transcripts verifying all college coursework completed to date
  • Tribal membership verification (if applicable)
  • Two letters of reference. At least one reference must be completed by an instructor in an ASN pre-requisite course (A & P I and II, English Composition, Psychology, and/or Math). If currently employed in a healthcare related position (e.g. CNA), the immediate supervisor may complete the second reference. Please complete Part I of the form before submitting to an instructor or supervisor.

Download the ASN Application and Professional Letter of Reference for Nursing Program Applicant forms below. Please mail, fax, or email the completed application packet materials directly to the Nursing Department. Mail: Attn: Admissions, Nursing Department, Salish Kootenai College, PO Box 70, Pablo, MT 59855 Fax: (406) 275-4806 Email: nursingadmissions@skc.edu

ASN 2018 Application (printable pdf)

ASN 2018 Application (fillable pdf for electronic delivery)

ASN 2018 Letter of Reference (printable pdf)

ASN 2018 Letter of Reference (fillable pdf for electronic delivery)

The following additional documentation must be completed and received by the Enrollment Services by 12 p.m. on June 15th. Please mail the documents directly to the SKC Enrollment Services, P.O. Box 70, Pablo, MT 59855.

  • All official college transcripts that verify the pre-requisite course completion, including the courses completed between May 1st and June 14th.
  • Tribal membership verification.
  • Official copy of high school transcript or GED.
  • Immunization records.
  • Other required SKC admissions documentation. 

Completion of the application process and prerequisite coursework does not guarantee admission into the Nursing Program.

ASN Program Acceptance Process

  • Incomplete application packets (missing required documents or prerequisites) will not be considered for admissions.
  • The Nursing Department will begin screening all completed applications after June 15th.
  • Admission into the Nursing Program is based on grade point average (GPA), admission test score, Native American enrollment status*, and veteran’s priority of service** status.
  • Enrollment in the Nursing Program is limited based on the availability of clinical facilities and faculty.
  • Students are admitted into the Nursing Program once a year in fall quarter.
  • Selection of ASN applicants will be completed by June 30th.
  • Students receive written notification of acceptance status and the acceptance packet by July 10th.
  • The documents contained in the acceptance packet must be completed and returned to the Nursing Department by August 15th.

Level I of the ASN Program Curriculum

Fall (12 Credits) Winter (12 Credits) Spring (12 Credits)
(GE) SPCH 100: Basic Communication (3) (GE) HUM-Intro Elective (3) NSGD 231: Medical/Surgical Nursing I (4)
NSGD 202: Introduction to Nursing (3) NSGD 221: Foundations of Nursing (4) NSGD 324: Pediatric Nursing (3)
NSGD 211: Health Assessment (3) NSGD 318: Pharmacology I (3) NSGD 325: Maternal/Child Nursing (3)
NSGD 317: Pathophysiology I (3) NSGD 337: Pathophysiology II (2) NSGD 328: Pharmacology II (2)

Level II of the ASN Program Curriculum

Fall (12 Credits) Winter (12 Credits) Spring (12 Credits)
(GE) NAS-FAH Elective (3) (GE) NASD 101: History of the Indians in the US (3) NSGD 261: Critical Care Nursing (3)
NSGD 241: Medical/Surgical Nursing II (6) NSGD 251: Medical/Surgical Nursing III (6) NSGD 363: Management of Care (6)
NSGD 343: Mental Health Nursing (3) NSGD 353: Gerontology Nursing (3) NSGD 267: NCLEX Preparation (3)

*(GE)= General Education Course

Total Pre-requisite and General Education Credits: 44
Total Required Nursing Credits: 60
Total ASN Credits: 104

The RN-BSN program expands the level, complexity, and scope of practice for licensed RNs.

A student must be a Registered Nurse to apply to this program.

Important Dates

  • Fall admission application due June 15th
  • Winter admission application due November 15th
  • Spring admission application due February 15th

How to Apply to the BSN Program

  • Complete SKC application and submit any required documents.
  • Complete the BSN application and turn in with unofficial transcript by specified deadline.
  • Submit transcripts (if attended other colleges).
  • If Native American / Alaska Native, submit Tribal Verification form.

RN-BSN Application (Fillable and printable)

RN-BSN General Education and Elective Courses (28 credits)

MATH 241: Statistics - (5)
ENGL 306: Writing Research Papers - (3)
NAS Advanced (List E) OR NSGD 350: Issues in American Indian Health - (3)
Upper Division NSGD OR Open Electives - (17)

RN-BSN Nursing Courses (48 credits)

Fall (15 credits)

NSGD 306: Transition into BSN (4)
NSGD 384: Health and Humanities (3)
NSGD 405: Nursing Theory(3)
NSGD 408: Family Care (5)

Winter (16 credits)

NSGD 428: RN-BSN Practicum I (5)
NSGD 443: Evidence Based Practice (3)
NSGD 444: Health Promotion (4)
NSGD 448: Advanced Nursing Assessment with Pathophysiology and Pharmacological Concepts (4)

Spring (17 credits)

NSGD 438: RN-BSN Practicum II (5)
NSGD 391: Culture and Caring (4)
NSGD 470: Advanced Leadership (4)
NSGD 439: Population Focused Care (4)


SKC Nursing Department offers multiple scholarship and grant opportunities to support prospective and enrolled nursing students. Please contact SKC Financial Aid Office for current list of available scholarships and grants.