Kendra Reinlasoder

Kendra was hired directly into Obstetrics from her preceptorship at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Polson. She practiced there as a full-time night OB nurse for a year and a half. She took a position in Convenient Care in St. Luke's Medical Center in Ronan (after the birth of her 6 yr old son) and was quickly drafted into their OB department. After three years as the only OB night nurse on her shift, she scaled down to scheduled PRN at the facility to help St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula open their brand new LDRP unit. Kendra was the only Nursery nurse that did not have NICU certification but her experience in critical access hospitals was valid preparation for the role. When she was asked to precept every OB night nurse for a shift in the nursery, she realized that education was her calling.  She returned full-time to St. Luke's for an opening in the Surgical department to develop more skills. She circulated the OR, covered PACU, recovered post-op, administered a full range of outpatient infusions, and floated to the Emergency Department, OB, Convenient Care and Medical Surgical for part or full shifts when needed.

At the present, she is an Independent Nurse Contractor with TEVA Pharmaceuticals, traveling an 80-mile radius from her home in Ronan to demonstrate the administration of an M.S. medication to new patients. She is also working a shift each week at Kalispell Regional Medical Center as Surgical Resource Nurse. Instructing in the SIM lab is her joy! She was trained for three years in Education at the U of M prior to nursing school. Kendra is a full-time student at SKC seeking her Bachelors in Nursing degree on her way to Master’s program through Western Governors University. Her goal is to lecture in the Nursing Department about Obstetrics, Nursery, and Pediatrics. She hopes to inspire a calm, holistic approach and bedside manner, good communication skills, and a practical application of the nursing process.

When she is not working toward that goal, she is savoring every moment with her husband and their 17, 16, 6, and 4-year-old sons. They live and ranch nearby on his family farm and enjoy the outdoor activities with their animals. She walks daily with her gorgeous bright white, long haired, 130 lb. Great Pyrenees dog. The family enjoys kayaking and “hiking in those mountains” (per the children’s daily requests in good weather). She plays piano and sings at her hometown church with her son playing Bass guitar. She loves to travel and attends the teenager’s activities, sports, and events. She has a bustling home where she enjoys cooking and entertaining a great range of children, teenage, and adult friends.